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Recent Features

Oct 19-21, 2016 “All fun & games?: modeling risk via social media“

Presentation-International Communication Association Regional Conference, Nairobi, Kenya


Oct 7, 2016 “The bird, the book, & the gram: sex, drugs, & violence on social media“

Presentation-6th annual Social Media Technology Conference & Workshop, Howard University, Washington, DC


Aug 3, 2016 “In high crime areas, teenagers must also navigate a 'digital hood'“



March 9-12 2016 ”Seeking Safe Sex Information: Social Media Use, Gossip, and Sexual Health Behavior Among Minority Youth”

Presentation-Society of Adolescent Health and Medicine, Washington, DC


Feb 18, 2016 “Is there a digital hood?“



Feb 9, 2016 “Sex on the bird, the gram, and the book: adolescent sexual risk on social media”

Invited Lecture-University of California-Merced


Oct 29-30, 2015 ”Beyond Netflix & Chill: Social Media as a source for sexual health information”

Presentation-Social and Behavioral Science Research Meeting, Center for AIDS Research, Baltimore, MD


Mar 29, 2015 “Youth health and well-being in the new digital frontier: Emerging research insights and health promotion opportunities”

Conference Roundtable-Society for Research on Child Development Biennial Meeting, Philadelphia, PA


Jan 5, 2015 “The Digital Hood:  social media,  geography, and sexual risk behavior among minority youth” 

Invited Lecture-Data & Society, New York, NY


April 2014 "Adolescent Risk Behavior and Social Media"

Analysis, Intervention & Applied Therapy to Children and Adolescents at the Miguel Hernandez University of Elche, Spain