Health Equity & Media Lab

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Associated Publications

Social Media in the Sexual Lives of African American and Latino Youth: Challenges and Opportunities (2016)

Stevens, R., Dunaev, J., Malven, E., Bleakley, A., Hull, S.

The digital hood: Social media use among youth in disadvantaged neighborhoods (2016)

Stevens, R., Gilliard-Matthews, S., Dunaev, J., Woods, M., Brawner, B.

AIDS in black and white: the influence of newspaper coverage of HIV/AIDS on HIV/AIDS testing among African Americans and White Americans, 1993-2007 (2014)

Stevens, R., Hornik, R

The Color of AIDS: An Analysis of newspaper coverage of HIV/AIDS in the United States from 1992–2007 (2013)

Stevens, R., Hull, S.